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Local Scuba Diving Vacations & Trips

Brockville with Tri-City Scuba

Brockville, ON - September 14-16, 2018


Dive the St Lawrence, enjoys some great drift diving, see incredible geology and some fabulous wrecks. Often called the Carribean of the North, the waters are often much warmer than the great lakes. You can see fresh water sponges, many species of local fish - maybe even a sturgeon if you are lucky.

Our trip includes:

  • Saturday and Sunday morning charters
  • Accommodations, including continental breakfast
  • Air fills an EANx fill packages are available

You are responsible for:

  • Transportation to and from Brockville
  • Meals and snacks
  • Cost of any courses you take

Complete the waiver here: Brockville Waiver



Dive Gilboa with Tri-City Scuba
The Gilboa Quarry, Gilboa, OH - October 5-8, 2018


This Thanksgiving join Tri-City Scuba for our last local trip of the season in Ohio! The Gilboa Quarry is a scuba diving playground where divers of all skill levels can experience sunken airplanes, helicopters, boats and so much more. Tri-City Scuba has been making this trip the official opening to the local dive season for many years. Take courses, come to dive - we always have a great time!

What is the cost? If you go to just dive, you pay:

  • transportation
  • accomodations
  • meals
  • quarry entrance fees
  • air/nitrox fills

If you choose to take courses, you can select as many as you like by selecting from our course menu in the online store, the courses pages on this website, the phone, or the old fashioned way, visiting us in the store.

Complete the waiver here: Gilboa Waiver