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September 2020 Buddy Check

News DNageleisen COMMENTS 15 Sep, 2020


September News

What a year! What a year! COVID-19, Murder Hornets, record breaking forest fires in California - but the BIGGEST tragedy was an interruption in our dive season! Not to diminish the global issues, but we all know why this sport is so valuable to us. In fact, most turn to SCUBA for meditation, relaxation, escape and other benefits that we so sorely need!

Your favorite dive shop is back in the water, doing what we do best!!

We changed pools – we are now training at the Lyle Hallman Pool - a part of the Grand River Recreation Complex. We start our first pool sessions with a SOLD OUT open water course on September 26. We are excited to have a pool again!

Lyle Hallman Pool at the Grand River Recreation Complex

Speaking of Water, we have also signed an agreement with CBM/St. Mary's Cement for exclusive access to McMillan Pond! This lake is about six times the size of Gulliver's lake, is absolutely beautiful, and ready for us to dive!

McMillan Pond

Events are already being planned, but Wednesday dives with Tri-City are backand more dates will be added to the calendar, so stay tuned.

Sign Up for Wednesday Dives

See our first day at McMillan Pond on this YouTube video. We are preparing the platform and getting the deck into the water. The top of our platform sits in 20' of water, lots of fish, the beginnings of aquatic grasses and plants, water birds and more.

McMillan Pond Video

There is a brief overview of the transition from a drought-plagued corn field to the beautiful lake you see above on our website. Visit Page

Travel this season is all about shore diving - and you are invited. We have already run trips to dive the wrecks near Penetanguishine this summer and a bunch of shore diving.

Speaking with Jim Gordon about the Sherwood/Genesis/Akona event in October.

Next Dates Are:



Tri-City Dive Club: Providing a home is at the heart of everything we do at Tri-City and we are so excited to announce the new Tri-City Scuba Dive Club. Benefits include discounts on Continuing Education & Specialties, rentals and other savings on equipment and service. Free entrance to upcoming demos and clinics is included. Keep an eye out for upcoming event dates and let us know what you would like to see featured! Click Here to Join Now!

Sue, Daren, Kevin, Jamie and Elizabeth are working hard to come up with events and activities for us.

The traditional pub nights and other usual indoor activities are not ideal for the new "living with COVID" era.

We are looking for your suggestions on activities! Send us and email.


Your questions answered...

Q: My friend's dad has a bunch of really dive gear that he used in the '90s. What is it worth now? He was an instructor, so he took really good care of it.  J.S.

A: We hear this all the time (Drew may even say that in the video)! Most of the older dive gear is so outdated we can't get parts any more. Even if it looks good, you don't know what it looks like inside. We had some regs in the store last week that looked like they hadn't been used much but were green and gross inside.

We have also seen BCDs that leak, or buckles are broken and we can't get parts that fit sometimes. It sometimes is a good deal, but you really don't save money in the long run. You get what you pay for!

Here's a link to one of our YouTube videos with more information:

- Erika


Everybody loves a bargain! While some suppliers strategically put sales together to move certain products, not everyone wants that specific item.
Rental Gear Sale

Our super popular rental gear sale is scheduled again for the month of November. We will have regulators, BCDs, computers and some Aluminum 80 tanks for sale this year.

Stay Tuned for prices and more details.

Boxing Day Sale
December 29

Last year we said, to heck with that, let's put everything on sale for one day. That day was our 20% Off Boxing Day Sale on December 27. We sold everything from snorkel keepers to regulator sets to dry suits at 20% off.

We are doing the same this year. Everything in the store is on sale for 20% off all recreational dive gear and courses. That includes in-stock and special order items. In order to receive the discount, payment for all items is due in full on the 29th. All sales are final, there are no returns and no exceptions (otherwise we lose our shirts and can't do the sale next year). A coupon code for use on our online store will also be available, so you can shop in comfort with the device of your choice.


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