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December Buddy Check

December News Welcome back to the Monthly Buddy Check!  Cat Ppalu – we just returned from our live-aboard trip on the Cat Ppalu in the Bahamas! We were lucky to be diving with such a great group and had an amazing crew. This is possibly one […]

How Much Do Full Face Snorkel Masks Cost In Kitchener-waterloo, Cambridge Guelph And Brantford?

Firstly, what is a full face snorkel mask, and why do people like them? These masks cover the entire face, allowing snorkelers to breathe through their nose and mouth, and were first introduced in 2014 by Ocean Reef. They were designed to snorkel at the […]

How Much Does An Open Water Scuba Diving Course Cost In Ontario?

This is a great question, and obviously one we deal with every day. This shouldn’t be a difficult question to answer, but oddly it is. Some dive shops offer their courses for what appears to be a bargain – including online 2-for-1 deals, coupons with […]

Beginners Guide To Buying A Mask

If you are thinking about buying a mask, you have some decisions to make. First, become familiar with the components of a mask, and then take these questions into consideration. Some of the answers are obvious, and others are personal preference. That’s why we’ve created […]

Tri-city Scuba And Project Aware Helping Sharks At Iccat

Thank you, very much, for joining us in the work to protect shark and rays from overfishing in the Atlantic and please see attached a response from Dominic Le Blanc, the Canadian Minister of fisheries, to our letter.  At the ICCAT meeting that closed last […]