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    When you visit, please observe the current social distancing/hygeine protocols.

    If you have traveled outside the country, please wait 14 days before you visit. If you are sick or have been in contact with
    someone who is
    please don't come in, and follow the standard personal isolation precautions.

    Our merchant terminal will be disinfected before and after every use. You also have the option to pay using a PayPal money request.

    Any Equipment components that will come in contact with your mouth or face will be disinfected in a bath of 10% bleach or Virkon,
    followed by a
    fresh water rinse prior to pick up. Gear coming in for service will be managed the same way.
  • Clown Fish
    Welcome to Tri-City Scuba Centre
    A PADI 5* IDC centre
    We are a proud PADI 5* IDC centre, which means we thrive on quality
    service, safety and of course a lot of fun! We cater for beginner up to
    those whom like to get into rebreathers and TEC diving!
    So start your PADI Adventure with us today, get diving and change your life...
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Thanks for Joining Us Here!

We are a proud PADI 5* IDC centre, which means we thrive on quality service, safety and of course a lot of fun!

With exclusive deals in the Maldives, Philipines, Red Sea and Thailand, we guarantee you the best diving all around the world. With over 15 years of experience, we guarantee the highest standards of quality in terms of teaching, safety and services.

All our equipment is renewed every 2 years, to guarantee you comfort and safety. So start your PADI Open Water Diver course with us today, get diving and change your life. Our team is here to assist you step by step.

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