We know that there are not a lot of dive opportunities in our immediate vicinity, that’s why travel was invented! Tri-City Scuba makes it easy for you to show off your diving skills all over – from some of the world`s best ship wrecks within a pretty short drive in Ontario, to tropical and exotic destinations. Check out the shop calendar for the current list, or let us know where you want to go! We`ll build a trip for you and your dive buddies.



We define local as a dive site that is a short drive away - something for a day's diving. Many are surprised that there are many places to dive in our own backyard! Call us today and see where we are going - we'd love you to join us!


Local Events:
  • Wednesday Evenings at Gulliver’s Lake with Tri-City Scuba Centre – June 1 – October 12, 2016
  • Cedar Hill Park Sundays – see the Tri-City Scuba calendar  for dates


A little farther away than our local sites, usually a night or two in a strange bed and lots of diving. Some of our favourite spots are Gilboa Quarry in Ohio and Tobermory. We go to lots of other spots too, these are just good examples. Take a look at our calendar or call the shop!


  • Gilboa Quarry – October 7-10, 2016 (Thanksgiving Long Weekend)


These almost always involve an airplane, and are typically somewhere with a palm tree or two (very welcoming in winter). These trips are as dive-intensive as you want, and always accommodate non-divers. We try to balance great dive experiences with a wondeful vacation. Our divers are about the nicest (sometimes quirkiest) people you will meet anywhere. Lots of memories... Ask us what is next!