What an awesome experience! These guys really know what they’re doing! This is by far one of the most professional operations I’ve been in to, and I’ve see a lot of dive shops!

James | Cambridge

Awesome guys to dive with! Andrew and Chris are very friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. They are very enthusiastic about diving and their instructors are great. If you are looking to get PADI certification, definitely go with them!

Ming | K-W

Amazing shop! Friendly and very knowledgeable staff!

Ted | Guelph

Took my NITROX course with them and have purchased equipment from them. High caliber stuff and their ability to look after it for me is beyond reproach. I always take my equipment there to have it checked before my dive trips to warmer waters. They stand behind everything they sell from gear, cameras, flashes etc. Great place to attend, talk and shop at.

Ilmar | Brantford

Hi all! Its been a year since my wife and I took your awesome course and became certified divers. Just wanted to give you all an update. We took our first big dive in Australia on March 20th, 2015 at the beautiful Great Barrier Reef! It was a dream come true for my wife. For me, it was an experience i will never forget. Thanks again for being a big part in helping us get there.

Lonnie & Shannon | Walkerton

Great store, with great customer service. My favorite dive shop by far. The guys are great, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. 5 stars!

Frank M. | Cambridge

We want to thank you so incredibly much on what you have done for our son, Gunner Lee.

With your constant encouragement to continue up grading his scuba credentials, he is now a proud teenager carrying a wallet full of amazing and unique certifications. His self esteem is great, he is confident in what he can do even in un-certain situations. He knows the importance of good health and works hard to maintain the various facets of health. His spare time, while scrolling the internet is viewing latest news on aquatic life (amongst other things!).

Even with Drew’s persistence, I am now able to enjoy the basics of scuba diving with Gunner. Thank you!

With your support and encouragement to progress and to maintain high standards, you have helped to develop a teenager with goals, hope and happiness. We have been very fortunate to have had your team’s help in guiding our teenager towards goals and achievements.

May there be many more teenagers that have similar successes with your Tri City team!!

Monique L. | Fergus