Cameron Gibbs

What got you started in diving?

A summer job in Tobermory that has lead to an extrordinary passion.

What keeps you exited about diving?

The incredible opportunities to meet and connect with people, the endless possibilites to explore the marine world, and the chance to share my passion by training new divers.

What is your favorite type of diving?

• Great Lakes and Georgian Bay Wreck Diving
• Reef Diving
• Instructing Open Water students

What are your certifications?

  • MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer)
  • OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor)
  • Divemaster
  • EFR Instructor (Emergency First Response)
  • Boat Instructor
  • Deep Instructor
  • Drift Instructor
  • Dry Suit Instructor
  • Underwater Navigator Instructor
  • Night Diver Instructor
  • Search & Recovery Instructor
  • Wreck Instructor
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
  • Project AWARE Instructor
  • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor
  • Care for Children w/AED Instructor