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Our Store

Our bright, welcoming store (“the Shop”) is full of gear for divers of all levels. One of the advantages of Tri-City is that we have experience in virtually all areas of diving. This exposure makes us true experts in the field, and we are happy to share that information with our clients. We have access to virtually every scuba product available, and have narrowed our in-stock
offerings to gear that, in our opinion, is the very best value for your hard dollar. Heck, if you like to talk about the latest and greatest, we have all of the premium product you could want! We have everything from snorkel sets, jacket BCDs, plate and harness, DPVs, rebreathers, dry suits… OK, there is so much stuff in stock, we won’t even try to list it. Come in today!


We have one of the largest service departments around. We service EVERYTHING – regs, suits, BCDs and just about anything that goes near in or under water! Visit our service page for the whole list, there’s too much to mention here. If you are a store that needs additional support during busy times, we also offer OEM service, call us, maybe we can help ease the seasonal stress for you.


So the pool, or Gulliver’s Lake (our local training home outside of the pool) aren’t enough for you? We can help you scratch your diving itch with all kinds of destinations to dive. We have divided this “travel” thing into 3 basic categories to explain where we go, what we do, and how we do it…